Sunday, January 9, 2011

Fun with Vegetable Trays

My only New Year's Resolution this year is to be more active on my Twitter, Facebook & blogging. So I went looking for pictures to post and found these, which are from a couple of events we catered this fall.

Autumn is a great time to make fruit and veggie trays, as we have all those gorgeous kale to use for garnish!  These were bought at the Schuh Farms green market in Stanwood. The white bowl was filled with a yummy homemade ranch dressing and set on the leaf once it got to it's destination.

What's bad about making trays this time of year is the lack of fresh fruit. We really had to get creative to make these look good!

Luckily the grapes were so beautiful! And the pamplemousse rose (that's pink grapefruit to us Americans)!

Here's another use of kale, this one is purple kale picked right out of our own outdoor pots!

The bright green garnish is Pineapple Sage. This potato salad rocks! It's from an old recipe I found from the New York Times - it has two secret ingredients which I can't divulge, but the flavor is amazing! All the grandma's were going nuts trying to figure out what made it so good.

Here are a couple of pic's of the buffet line, before we took the plastic wrap off the finger sandwiches! Keep in mind that my photography skills are minimal at best!

A Great Big Thank You to Kathie McWilliams!

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