Friday, October 14, 2011

Sunset Magazine Features Scandia Coffeehouse

Yay! Somehow, someone at Sunset Magazine found out about us. Was it the scones? The pies? The gorgeous sandwiches or homemade soup?

No telling what lead them here, but Sunset's people arrived on a cloudy, drizzly morning to photograph our place for the upcoming July issue. Yay! We're gonna be famous! They say everyone gets their fifteen minutes of fame, well this must be ours. Yay!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Blackberry Season is here...what to do...make scones, of course!

We picked blackberries. A friend has an acreage, so off we went, buckets in hand. Fighting the stinging nettles, thorns, spiders and snakes, we picked and picked. The dogs ate the lowest-hanging fruit right off the vines. Curious tree frogs appeared, then jumped away as quickly as they came. The berries are so sweet and juicy this year, with small seeds. Nice! We made pies, scones, and froze lots of these little flavor-bombs. Next week we'll make jam.

We found them hard to work with (mushy and staining everything they touch), so froze them. I love the way they look about five minutes after they come out of the freezer, all frosty!

Sunday, July 31, 2011

See You at the Fair!

We'll be there to serve you with our famous scones, apple pie ala mode, giant cookies, and more - and to enjoy all the great talent (not to mention the cute barn animals)  - check out their web page, and SEE YOU THERE!!!!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Upcoming Coupon in this Week's SC News

Last month we gave away a free scone with the purchase of any beverage. It was our most successful promotion  ever! This month, we're giving away a free cup of tea with any food purchase, including our awesome fresh brewed iced tea. We use Art of Tea's first-prize award winning Classic Black.

We've got more of their award-winning blends, too. So get this week's paper, cut out your coupon, and try it free - on us!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Authentically Local

The restaurant decorated with bright glass bottles, renowned for its French toast and its convivial atmosphere when the tables are set up for outside dining.

The dry cleaner who doesn’t need to be told that you like your shirts folded, not hung. Light starch.

The shop owner that runs down the street after you when you accidentally leave your credit card behind.

The hardware store with the sign that says, “Husbands cannot buy paint without a signed note from their wife.”

The local website that runs the picture of your missing dog – connecting you with the neighbor around the corner who found him.

Yes, you can eat at an Applebee’s or buy your paint from a Home Depot. You can buy your books on Amazon, or download them to a Kindle. You can use an iPhone app to find the closest movie. But there’s a difference between something that’s geographically convenient and something that’s authentically local.

And the difference is this: Local doesn’t scale. Local isn’t McDonald’s, even if the McDonald’s is right down the street. Local doesn’t send profits back to a home office somewhere else. Local is something that’s part of what makes where you are unique. As unique and flawed and loveable as your own kids. Something is authentically local if it’s the first thing you’d want an old friend, visiting from the other side of the world, to see. It’s authentically local if its disappearance could potentially break your heart.

Local is suddenly the newest, hippest, most lucrative frontier. The local advertising market alone is estimated to be $100 billion a year. Companies like AOL, Google, Apple and Groupon all want a piece of the action. Some of the devices they sell you are even collecting data about everywhere you go – all to help their local campaigns.

Certainly big corporations add a lot of convenience and consistency to our world. They also threaten to homogenize it. If you want home to feel different from everywhere else in the world – or if you want a world that’s interesting to explore, support what’s authentically local. Know the difference, and vive la difference!

We copied this verbatim from the Authentically Local website, and we recommend you visit it, read it, and be informed. Click on the link and make a difference. Enjoy!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

New Web Page

You can see we've updated our webpage, by switching it to the blog page. This should simplify life for updating the page as well as having all our info on one page!

Your suggestions are welcome. Please leave a comment here, FB or tweet us, or email.  Whatever is most convenient for you - and thanks for visiting!

Cool Blog!

Snohomish County Blog Girl wrote a great post about us. Thanks Chelle Ballard for tweeting us about it! View the review here

She even took this cool photo of our mugs. How she took so many photos without any staff noticing is beyond me!